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City of West Covina, CA

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West Covina was transitioning from CLASS Software and needed a cost effective Cloud solution for their Parks Department. They had a very ambitious goal – to allow their residents to register for programs on their phones and to have it all set up and ready in less than 6 weeks.

In DASH Platform, West Covina found the partner that would give them what they were looking for and a software that would grow with their department. The DASH Platform implementation team took on the job and trained the staff in two full day sessions and had the Online Registration ready to access for customers within the timelines and dates required.

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The business challenge was to get West Covina up and running in a small window of time and follow through on the expectations of the staff for training and support.

“Customers are doing a lot of things themselves, saving staff time because most of the work is done online. Overall our staff really likes DASH.”


DASH Platform was able to get the business requirements from the staff and stakeholders. The DASH Platform team went right to work on gathering all the necessary pieces of information by visiting all the major facilities in West Covina and meeting with the Staff and Management to get a better understanding of the business and the needs of their customers.

After several days of discussions with staff and management. After hours of evaluating the business processes the DASH Platform team was able to create a plan for implementation and training. The West Covina team was able to start using the system right away and felt comfortable on how simple and comprehensive the DASH Platform solution was to use.

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DASH Platform was able to fulfill the business requirements in a timely manner. Within weeks of the deadline, the DASH Platform Implementation and Training team had the staff trained, the system setup with all financial and banking requirements and online systems ready for customers.

West Covina staff members were experts on the product and found it simple to use and simple for customers to use.


Since implementation in January 2016, the West Covina staff has caught on quickly thanks to the familiar interface and user-friendliness of DASH Platform. Their department has seen a 10% increase in revenue, improved customer relationships, and bettered communication across all full and part-time staff members. Thanks to DASH Platform, they are now able to view trends in registrations and see which programs are working, and which programs can be improved upon in the future.

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