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Credit Card Savings

Our last customer saved $16,000/yr in credit card fees by switching to Dash. 


Most of our competitors charge 2-3X for their credit card fees. Dash greatly reduces the total cost of ownership by saving our customers.


Send us your last to merchant statements and we’ll provide a free savings analysis!  An example Wordpay statement is provided below.



Worldpay Example Statement

The Dash Payments Experience!

EMV! Security updates around chip card support.

Tap N Pay! NFC payments using your card or mobile phone (Apple Pay, Google Pay).  Learn More!

CardUpdater (All saved cards get updated when they expire or reissued). Saves hours of time having to call customers for new card data.

Free PCI Compliance

No Junk! Most merchant pricing schemes are littered with ¨Junk¨ fees and can add a lot of cost to your overall merchant fees. Send Dash your current statements and we´ll point them out and tell you how to get rid of them.