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Make your Recreation Department more efficient

Parks and Recreation Software

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for Sports Facilities, Parks & Recreation departments, and more.

Recreation Management Software

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Secure. Scalable. Easy-to-use.

Facility Management Software

DASH Platform

DASH Platform is recreation management software designed for Parks and Recreation departments, Sports Facilities, and more.


SaaS Cloud Scalability

DASH is built on Amazon’s AWS Elastic Bean Service. Get up and running in record time. Quickly scale to meet any client’s demand peak load.

Security and Financial Integrity

We manage your security and your IT costs so you don’t have to. To ensure financial accountability, DASH provides auditable transaction records that identify and prevent fraud.

Responsive Design

DASH is built using a sleek, intuitive, and powerful framework. Its responsive, and scales to any screen size.

Proven Industry Expertise

The DASH team has a proven record of managing recreational and sports facilities. The platform has been real-world tested in organizations in North America for over 10 years.




Parks and Recreation Management

Powerful tools for managing Parks & Rec facilities, reservations, registrations, memberships, rentals, invoicing, payments, and more.

Sports Facility Management

Run your facility operations with integrated registration, program management, resource scheduling, point-of-sale and payment systems.

Classes, Camps & Childcare

Administer classes, camps and other child care programs with software field-tested over the past decade by tens of thousands of class, camp and childcare participants.

League & Team Management

Don’t get stuck using flimsy league and team management software that requires most of the work still to be done by hand.




Member Management

Offer customers annual, monthly, family, program and facility memberships. Manage everything about your members in one centralized system.

Online Registrations

Streamline your registration process and bring it online.  Let customers register any day at any time, and free your staff from tedious, error-prone data entry.

In-Person & Phone Registrations

You can still register customers in-person or by phone with Dash.  However, the savings you reap by moving to online registration can be the equivalent of one or two staff people doing in-person or phone registration.

Booking & Rental Management

Simplify the rental process and assure that facility resources are never double-booked.

Point of Sale

Run concessions and register customers in programs with the same point of sale system.

Customer Relationship Management

Provide detailed customer information with each phone call or in-person contact.


Get a wide variety of operational and financial reports. With our exceptional analytics, get real-time reminders that alert staff to customers who owe money, haven’t signed waivers, or haven’t renewed memberships.

Mobile Customer Web Access

With our self-service web access, customers can connect 24/7 to the program information they need.


About Us

See how others are using DASH Platform to help streamline business operations.

  • "DASH Platform allowed us to work smarter by making things virtually easier for not only our staff but most importantly our customers. They can register for sports, classes and camps and then keep their family's schedules at their fingertips by having all the information located in one place."
    Starla Seabaugh, Systems AdministratorPlano Sports Authority - Plano, TX
  • “We found that DASH Platform's quickness was appealing, and the fact that they are current with the way things work in the IT world, means they will always provide us with necessary tasks and gadgets to get the job done fast and efficiently.”
    Jen Short, General ManagerBurlingamer - Burlingame, CA
  • "Making the move to DASH Platform has been the best thing our company has ever done! DASH has taken our business to the next level, from the dinosaur era to the 21st century."
    Michael Richardson, General ManagerSoccer City Palatine - Palatine, IL
  • "During the past 4 years using DASH Platform, Plano Sports Authority has grown 71% in registrants to 77,000, while increasing staffing by only 15%."
    Don Blackwood, General ManagerPlano Sports Authority - Plano, TX